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Welcome to 100+ Accounting, where accuracy meets insight in the world of business valuation. Our expert team of valuation professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive business valuation services tailored to meet your organization's unique needs.

100 Accounting Inc. Business Valuation and Loss AssessmentWhether you're considering a merger, acquisition, or sale or seeking to understand the true worth of your business, our business valuation services offer a clear and accurate picture of your company's value.

Our business valuation services include:

1 — Comprehensive Business Appraisal

  • In-depth analysis of your company's financial statements, assets (tangible and intangible), operations, and market position
  • Examination of industry trends and economic factors influencing the valuation

2 — Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Expert valuation and strategic assessment of businesses involved in mergers, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships
  • Strategic insights to optimize your position in negotiations

3 — Exit Planning and Sale Valuation

  • Valuation services for businesses considering an exit strategy
  • Assistance in optimizing the business for a lucrative sale
  • Maximizing value for business owners looking to sell or transition

4 — Estate and Gift Tax Valuations

  • Accurate valuation of business assets for estate and gift tax purposes
  • Minimization of tax implications through strategic valuation

5 — Shareholder and Partnership Valuations

  • Fair and equitable valuation of shares or partnership interests and ensuring fairness and transparency in financial transactions among shareholders
  • Assistance in resolving valuation disputes among stakeholders
  • Valuations for buy-sell agreements, shareholder transactions, and equity offerings

6 — Financial Reporting and Compliance

  • Valuation services to meet financial reporting requirements, including Accounting Standards Codification 820 (ASC 820) and ASC 805 compliance
  • Expertise in compliance with international accounting standards

Why Choose 100+ Accounting for Business Valuation?

1 — Valuation Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned valuation professionals with extensive experience across industries.

2 — Customized Solutions

We provide tailored valuation services designed to meet your organization's specific needs and goals.

3 — Proven Methodologies

We utilize industry-recognized valuation methodologies to ensure accuracy and reliability.

4 — Transparent Process

We provide a transparent and collaborative valuation process, keeping you informed at every step.

5 — Dedicated Support

Our committed team is ready to provide ongoing support, addressing your questions and concerns.

Uncover the True Value of Your Business with 100+ Accounting!

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