Non-Profit Accounting Services

Non-profit accounting is a specialized field of accounting that focuses on the financial management and reporting requirements of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

Non-profit organizations operate with the primary goal of serving a social or community purpose rather than generating profits for owners or shareholders. Examples of non-profit organizations include charities, educational institutions, religious organizations, and community service organizations.

100 Accounting Inc. Non Profit OrganizationsKey features of non-profit accounting include fund accounting, revenue recognition, donor stewardship, compliance with regulations, tax compliance, grant accounting, program and administrative allocation, financial reporting for transparency, net asset classification, and financial sustainability planning.

At the heart of your mission is a commitment to making a positive impact, and our dedicated team of accountants is here to support your organization's financial needs. Our tailored solutions aim to empower non-profits with accurate financial reporting, compliance assurance, and strategic financial planning.

Our accounting services for non-profit organizations include:

1 — Financial Reporting and Compliance

  • Accurate preparation of financial statements in compliance with non-profit accounting standards
  • Comprehensive financial reporting to meet the transparency requirements of donors, grantors, and regulatory bodies

2 — Grant Accounting and Compliance

  • Expertise in managing and accounting for grants, ensuring compliance with grantor guidelines
  • Assistance with grant proposal budgets and reporting

3 — Fund Accounting

  • Specialized fund accounting services to track and manage contributions, endowments, and restricted funds
  • Transparent reporting to demonstrate the effective stewardship of donor funds

4 — Tax-Exempt Status Maintenance

  • Guidance on maintaining tax-exempt status and compliance with IRS regulations
  • Assistance with annual reporting requirements for tax-exempt organizations

5 — Strategic Financial Planning

  • Collaborative development of long-term financial strategies aligned with your non-profit's mission
  • Proactive financial planning to support sustainable growth and impact

Why Choose 100 Accounting for Non-Profit Accounting?

1 — Non-Profit Expertise

Our team possesses deep knowledge of the unique financial challenges faced by non-profit organizations.

2 — Mission-Aligned Solutions

We provide tailored accounting solutions designed to align with your non-profit's specific goals and values.

3 — Transparency and Accountability

We are committed to transparency and accountability in financial reporting, supporting donor and stakeholder confidence.

4 — Dedicated Support

Our committed team is ready to provide personalized support, understanding the unique financial landscape of non-profits.

5 — Cost-Effective Services

We provide clear and transparent pricing, focusing on delivering value for non-profit budgets. 

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100+ Accounting's non-profit accounting is designed to meet the unique needs and regulatory requirements of organizations focused on social impact rather than profit generation. It emphasizes accountability, transparency, and responsible stewardship of financial resources to support the organization's mission and fulfill its obligations to stakeholders.

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